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About our practice

Masters & Raines Advanced Healing Therapy Center offers safe and effective ways to help eliminate pain and stress. This holistic approach integrates a variety of gentle non-invasive and natural techniques.

How our services help

Masters & Raines offers a holistic approach to healthcare using (hands on) Manual Therapy Techniques, Qigong Energy Healing and Emotional Management Techniques. This approach maximizes the results of your treatment by addressing both the physical AND underlying stressful or emotional component often associated with painful conditions.

Invite us to your location

We Love talking about what we do and more than that we Love Showing you what we do. If you belong to a group or organization you’re invited to contact us for a professional presentation. The presentations are 90 min. and include a lecture and hands on demonstrations.


Our Facility

Our facility was designed as a personal and peaceful healing environment. The interior design, colors and furnishings are combined for a pleasing, beautiful, enriching decor. [...]

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What We Treat

Here is a list of some of the conditions we treat: Pain from Headaches and Migraines Stress related Pain TMJ Pain Neck Pain and Stiffness Fibromyalgia Joint Pain Rotator Cuff and Shoulder Pain Thoracic Pain Arm Pain Hand Pain Tennis and Golfers Elbow Pain Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Pain Low Back Pain Sciatic Pain Hip and Pelvic Pain Leg Pain Knee [...]

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Listen To Our Patients

Listen to what our patients are saying...   [...]

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Upcoming Events

We offer classes, seminars, workshops and 0n-site presentations throughout the year. Specialized programs are available to groups and organizations. CHECK BACK SOON FOR UPCOMING CLASSES & PRESENTATIONS! [...]

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