Immediate results for Back, Shoulder, elbow and knee pain






Stop the pain at it’s source. Our approach is to treat  pain through the part of the nervous system that is the underlying cause of

chronic pain...


Easily detach from negative emotions and limiting belief. Our safe and easy method allows you to easily disconnect from the stress and worries  that distract you from being present to your life...



Become more active,

balanced and

energized with Qigong energy movement exercises...

3 Stages to
Health Mastery

[Stage 1]

We help people in chronic pain and mental distress get better fast without

drugs such as addictive painkillers, antidepressants and stimulants.

Our natural approach makes it possible to get 

lasting results in as little as 4-6 visits

[Stage 2]

We teach you to maintain your results  with preventive measures that include  classes and  self treatment techniques. This give you the opportunity to have the skills needed to maintain  a healthy lifestyle.

[Stage 3]

We provide the tools, training and coaching to help you achieve a higher 

quality of life free from the distractions of physical pain and mental distress.

Our advanced program includes nutrition, cleansing, fasting and meditation.

reach your full capacity...
Then, EXCEED iT!


Online Treatments

The process begins with an

 initial assessment and evaluation

where we look at your

current condition, the goals you'd like to achieve and the

most effective solution

that's a fit for you.


Instantaneous Healing'

An introduction to our Advanced Healing Techniques

'Energy Movement
for Vitality'

Learn how to increase your energy, and decrease pain through our Qigong Energy Movement classes

'Freedom from
Emotional Stress'

Learn how your emotions affect your life, and how easy it can be to disengage from them


& Classes

'Energy Movement
for Vitality'

Classes - Ongoing
4 and 7 week trainings

'Freedom from
Emotional Stress'

Classes - Bi-weekly
Monthly Workshops

 Group sessions throughout the year



Dearest Joey,
Words cannot describe my gratitude! I am a different person today than the version of me that walked into your office yesterday! I am so incredibly thankful to have made your acquaintance. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Derrick G.

My family and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for a much needed vacation. A few days in, I somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back. The pain was so excruciating, I was literally confined to stay in bed for several days while my family ran off to the beach. I could barely sit up for a few minutes before the....

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Donna N.

Joey offers the right mix of knowledge, encouragement and humor in his Qigong class. I’ve found his teaching style to be very clear and easy to follow. When I leave the class, I feel relaxed, yet energized! I recommend him as a teacher to anyone interested in learning more about Qigong and incorporating this valuable energy tool into their life.

Tim N.

For well over a year, any time I did activities that required weight-bearing movement, I was having hip flexor cramping. Visits to chiropractors, physical therapy, deep tissue muscle work, orthopedic visits and injections did not resolve or eliminate the cramping.

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Gretchen L.

I am a student in Joey Raines’s Qigong Class. I came to this class with high expectations! I was excited to learn about the area. Joey is a superb teacher. His enthusiasm about Qigong is contagious! His warm and happy personality makes class fun. I feel fortunate to be learning about this modality from an expert who lives and breathes it!


My name is Margarida, born and living in Portugal. A couple of months after doing a lot of hard work with my hands and arms – sculpture, painting, computer - I would wake up throughout the night with my right shoulder and arm in a lot of pain...not moving normally. I initially called health assistance here in Portugal, and was instructed to go to the emergency room.

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Peggy D.

I went to Joey’s presentation out of curiosity. I realized I was living with a lot of sadness, guilt and “what if’s.” My husband was a Vietnam Vet and took his life in 1974. After this tragedy, I learned to live, I thought, to the fullest, alone. I was not aware of the effects my unresolved emotions were...

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Chanel F.

When I first came to Joey, I was suffering from chronic headaches, almost every morning. My neck pain and stiffness would keep me from getting a solid night’s sleep. I had tried everything from chiropractic care to injections, and nothing would give me lasting relief from my symptoms.

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I took Qigong classes previously and enjoyed the “peace” that came with the practice. Joey, however, takes this to another level. He explains the concept and healing behind Qigong, so that a student actually understands what Qigong is. Great knowledge and highly recommended!