Tim N.

For well over a year, any time I did activities that required weight-bearing movement, I was having hip flexor cramping. Visits to chiropractors, physical therapy, deep tissue muscle work, orthopedic visits and injections did not resolve or eliminate the cramping. I had a procedure scheduled to do an invasive “clean up” of muscle and bone calcification, but after just one session of PRRT with Joey, I felt so much better that I cancelled it.

I just completed my third session with Joey. I have been able to play golf with much more flexibility and beach volleyball with much more fluid movement.

My hip flexor muscles are performing much better, but I still have work to do to rebuild their strength and endurance. I believe Joey has calmed my overactive nerve and exercise muscle responses, and reverted them to a much more normal performance level. Thank you so much for the expertise you bring and the effective improvements you have delivered.