Chanel F.

When I first came to Joey, I was suffering from chronic headaches, almost every morning. My neck pain and stiffness would keep me from getting a solid night’s sleep. I had tried everything from chiropractic care to injections, and nothing would give me lasting relief from my symptoms. With just one brief consultation with Joey, he was able to discern the most effective treatment plan for me. Even as I consulted with him, I was battling a headache, and when he asked what results I would like to see that day, I half-heartedly requested that my headache be reduced.

Though our consult was concise, I was pleasantly surprised at how thoroughly he understood my past pain.

After this initial consultation, we got right to work! As he began his work, the relief from pain and tension was nearly instantaneous. By the end of our time together, I was headache-free and blissfully relaxed. I had trusted completely that he would eventually be able to reduce my pain, but I never imagined I could leave his office pain free after just ONE treatment!

For the first few days after my session, I woke up in disbelief that I had spent another night pain-free. After a few months in his care, I finally remember that pain is NOT my normal...Happy and healthy is achievable and deserved!
I am happy to report that the relief from my pain lasted for the entire month before my next follow-up appointment.
Joey’s presence and technique is not only calming, but highly effective. I firmly believe the energy he brings to each session is a key component to why his work is so successful. For anyone who is hurting and seeking a holistic and transformative solution, Joey’s work is that solution. You truly can’t believe the impact he will have on your life and health until you experience it for yourself.