Derrick G.

My family and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for a much needed vacation. A few days in, I somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back. The pain was so excruciating, I was literally confined to stay in bed for several days while my family ran off to the beach. I could barely sit up for a few minutes before the pain came back again with a vengeance.

Now remember, I’m on vacation with a beautiful beach only 60-70 feet away, and I was unable to walk to the beach.
After two days of intense pain, it dawned on me to call In Full Motion Health & Wellness. They had successfully helped me in the past when I had a prior back pain ailment.

They were able to treat me online through a video call. Joey demonstrated and directed me to perform several movement exercises. They not only reduced my back pain tenfold, but the exercises gave me the flexibility I needed to to walk.

His instruction, and the techniques he used, drastically reduced the intensity of my pain from a 10 to a manageable scale of 2.

Who knew I could get such relief without having to be in-person? The team literally saved my vacation.