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I'm  Chanel F.

When I first came to Joey [and his team], I was suffering from chronic headaches, almost every morning. My neck pain and stiffness would keep me from getting a solid night’s sleep. I had tried everything from chiropractic care to injections, and nothing would give me lasting relief from my symptoms.

The relief from pain and tension was nearly instantaneous. By the end of our first-time together that day, I was headache-free and blissfully relaxed.

For the first few days after my session, I woke up in disbelief that I had spent another night pain-free. After a few months, I finally remembered that pain is NOT my normal...Happy and healthy is achievable and deserved!

For anyone who is hurting and seeking a holistic and transformative solution, Joey and his Team's work is that solution. You truly can’t believe the impact they will have on your life and health until you experience it for yourself.

results that matter

For well over a year, any time I did activities that required weight-bearing movement, I was having hip flexor cramping. Visits to chiropractors, physical therapy, deep tissue muscle work, orthopedic visits and injections did not resolve or eliminate the cramping. I had a procedure scheduled to do an invasive “clean up” of muscle and bone calcification, but after just one session with Joey, I felt so much better that I cancelled it.

I just completed my third session. I have been able to play golf with much more flexibility and beach volleyball with much more fluid movement.

My hip flexor muscles are performing much better, but I still have work to do to rebuild their strength and endurance. I believe this has calmed my overactive nerve and exercise muscle responses, and reverted them to a much more normal performance level. Thank you so much for the expertise you bring and the effective improvements you have delivered.

Tim N.

My family and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for a much needed vacation. A few days in, I somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back. The pain was so excruciating, I was literally confined to stay in bed for several days while my family ran off to the beach. I could barely sit up for a few minutes before the pain came back again with a vengeance.

Now remember, I’m on vacation with a beautiful beach only 60-70 feet away, and I was unable to walk to the beach.
After two days of intense pain, it dawned on me to call Joey Raines. He successfully helped me in the past when I had a prior back pain ailment.

Joey was three hours away, so he decided to treat me online through telehealth. He demonstrated and directed me to perform several movement exercises. They not only reduced my back pain tenfold, but the exercises gave me the flexibility I needed to to walk.
His instruction, and the techniques he used, drastically reduced the intensity of my pain from a 10 to a manageable scale of 2.
Who knew I could get such relief without having to be there in person? It literally saved my vacation.

Derrick G.

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