Is Knee/Back/Shoulder/Neck Pain



(YES! This is for the "PICKLEBALLERS," too!)





For well over a year, any time I did activities that required weight-bearing movement, I was having hip-flexor cramping. Visits to chiropractors, physical therapy, deep tissue muscle work, orthopedic visits and injections did not resolve or eliminate the cramping.



I’m a guy who’s 5'11" but the scale is over 300 lbs. Playing pickleball one day, I reached for a ball, and when I did, something on the inside of my elbow gave way. The shooting pain from my forearm and inside left elbow caused me to shriek and drop my paddle.

What is a:

You've waited your whole life to have time on your hands...Now, this annoying  pain is getting in the way of enjoying it to your fullest. 

How much more would you enjoy your time and financial freedom without that nagging pain? A whole lot more I 'd say! Wouldn't you?

I specialize in getting immediate results for golfers and tennis players like you with back, shoulder, neck and knee issues.  I've worked with countless individuals just like you who've seen chronic pain and stiffness put a damper on playing and enjoying their game. And that really sucks!


Here's how we operate.  I'm here to teach you how to fix yourself, so you won't need me anymore. I take a completely new approach because I'm committed to long-term effectiveness. I help YOU "Re-balance the Asymmetries in YOUR Body" through easy, non painful and effective movements that you can even learn to do yourself!

Intro Session: 30 minutes
[Online via Video Conference]

Are you a Golf or Tennis PRO?
(This video below is for YOU!)

What To Do Before Our Session?

Get your club/racket out and take a few swings. Write down where you land on the pain meter?

If there are different movements that cause pain, list them in your notes.

If there are multiple areas of your body that experience pain, list those in your notes. Write down where each is on the pain meter.

What Happens During Our Session?

We are going to jump straight into "Relief Action!"

My main goal is to get you back on the court or tees and feeling better than you have in years!

We will begin with a full body scan. This gives us an opportunity to really pinpoint your pain points.

Next, you may be surprised, but we will then work on the easy [pain-free/yummy] side. This helps release the pained [yucky] side.

What Changes After Our Session?

Whether you're prepping for a set or round later the same day, or gearing up for a golf-trip over the weekend, you'll already be experiencing RELIEF!

Not to mention, you'll be equipped with a set of simple movements that you can employ minutes, or hours, before you play.
[It will even become part of your warm-up routine before you hit the range.]

Although I can’t promise you’ll play like Tiger or Serena, your
ability to enjoy and play your best (and pain-free) game with ease will significantly improve.

I am committed to my 100% Happiness Guarantee.

About Joey Raines

Greetings! I'm Joey Raines. The Chronic Pain Wizard! 

I have committed to, and pioneered the use of Primal Reflex Release Therapy (PRRT), Total Motion Release (TMR) and the Tapas Acupressure Technique (TAT) to treat chronic musculoskeletal pain and the stress and anxiety associated with it. I do this by balancing and resetting the Autonomic Nervous System (ANS) - the part of our nervous system that regulates stress and relaxation.

I focus special attention on whatever is directly influencing and perpetuating the states of muscular tension and stress. [read more..]

Why They Recommend Having a

Session with the...

"Chronic Pain Wizard"

Even beyond the golf and tennis world, chronic pain and stiffness has plagued humanity throughout history, and modern-society even more so. People from all walks of life, and from points all over the world, have found the benefit of these "Body & Muscle Balancing" techniques.

Take a look for yourself...

[Could anyone else you know  benefit from a powerful new approach to RELIEF?]



My family and I traveled to Fort Lauderdale for a much needed vacation. A few days in, I somehow pulled a muscle in my lower back. The pain was so excruciating, I was literally confined to stay in bed for several days while my family ran off to the beach. I could barely sit up for a few minutes before the pain came back again with a vengeance.

Now remember, I’m on vacation with a beautiful beach only 60-70 feet away, and I was unable to walk to the beach.
After two days of intense pain, it dawned on me to call Joey Raines.



My name is Margarida, born and living in Portugal. A couple of months after doing a lot of hard work with my hands and arms – sculpture, painting, computer - I would wake up throughout the night with my right shoulder and arm in a lot of pain...not moving normally.

I initially called health assistance here in Portugal, and was instructed to go to the emergency room. I went that evening as I couldn’t even get dressed without help. After x-rays...



When I first came to Joey, I was suffering from chronic headaches, almost every morning. My neck pain and stiffness would keep me from getting a solid night’s sleep. I had tried everything from chiropractic care to injections, and nothing would give me lasting relief from my symptoms. With just one brief consultation with Joey, he was able to discern the most effective treatment plan for me. Even as I consulted with him, I was battling a headache, and when he asked what results I would like to see that day, I half-heartedly requested that my headache be reduced.

What Are You Waiting For?