TAT…Change Your Mind, Change Your World

TAT® is a simple and effective technique that delivers inner peace, relaxation and more vibrant health and empowerment in minutes. It’s an easy way to end stress, change a point of view or belief, let go of inner stuff that’s been stopping you from being, having and doing what you want. It’s a fast way to get from stress to inner peace and transform core beliefs that no longer serve you. It’s a simple and elegant elegant solution to the problem of stuck mental and emotional energy.

Once the experience causing the anxiety, fear or stress is identified the individual holds the TAT pose while putting their attention on the statements that address the experience from different perspectives. The client is instructed to refrain from intellectualizing or making judgements about the statements and just be with them and relax and notice what happens. Generally, as the individual disengages from the emotional charge and enters the present moment, a physiological response such as yawning, sighing or a sense of releasing tension is felt in the body. The continuous playing story loop drops away and a new perspective emerges. You are no longer reacting or emotionally engaged with what happened in the past or worrying about what might happen in the future. You are now at cause and present to what is happening in the moment.


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What We Treat
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